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#257 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Tonight was the first meeting in 2021! Although  we didn't have any guests, we enjoyed a cozy atmosphere. The Table Topics Session was presented by T.A. He  asked seven questions, which were seasonal and entertaining. Prepared speech session was started by M.U. She shared an idea of fortune telling saying that the new period of "air" has just started. Whether or not we believe in fortune telling, it is true that the world is changing. We have to be well prepared. The second speaker was S.S. He introduced some idea related to his profession, medical care.It is usually difficult to share a topics with a [...]

#257 Meeting Minutes2021-01-09T23:51:41+09:00

#256 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Tonight was the last meeting in 2020. We had one international guest and enjoyed a warm atmosphere regardless of this rigorous year due to Covid-19, which was appropriate as a farewell to this year.   Today’s ice breaking session was presented by the President S.S.  Topic was ‘What kind of present did you want when you were a child?’, which was asked to all attendees.  This heartwarming topic reminded all of us of happy time in our childhood. Word of the evening was ‘outstanding’.  Four members used during the meeting.   Table topic session was presented by Y.U.  Seven questions [...]

#256 Meeting Minutes2021-01-02T21:29:08+09:00

#255 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today, we had one international guest! It is a great opportunity for us to invite a guest from overseas and have a feedback or a comment.   M.S asked some seasonal questions in the Table Topics Session. Questions like "Do you think the Olympic games will be held in 2021?" made us reorganise our way of opinion.   In the prepared speech session, we had four speakers. M.S made a speech about Beethoven. It was a very informative and entertaining speech. The second speaker, E.W made a speech about her new challenge. As her speech was an icebreaking speech, her speech [...]

#255 Meeting Minutes2020-12-05T21:12:03+09:00

#254 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today, we had two international guests again! Current tough situation of the COVID-19 has provided us a lot of chance to communicate with the international Toastmasters. Why don't we utilise it?   Y.T facilitated the Table Topics Session creatively. He asked a member to choose three numbers and gave them three words linked to them. The assigned member had to make a speech using those three words. It was a very unique session, as this style requires a member to use his/her creativity.   In the prepared speech session, we had four speakers. R.B made a speech about her diet journey. [...]

#254 Meeting Minutes2020-11-23T11:04:42+09:00

#253 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today, we had two international guests! And more excitingly, one of them made a prepared speech! It is a very rare chance for us to hear a speech by an international Toastmaster.   In the Table Topics Session, T.K asked questions related to autumn, such as "What do you come up with from a word autumn?" or "Which sports do you like to play?" Seasonal questions are the basics of Table Topics Session, which never get outdated.   In the prepared speech session, we had four speakers. M.S made a speech about some tips to improve English skills. People say [...]

#253 Meeting Minutes2020-11-07T21:47:27+09:00

Special meeting


This Saturday, we had a special meeting instead of our regular meeting! The main theme of the meeting was "Re-explore opportunities in Toastmasters". Instead of following our regular meeting agenda, we set three session and had a free discussion in each. The first session was about "Leadership". As all members know, one on the main purposes of Toastmasters is to cultivate our leadership. We discussed how we can cultivate it through serving as a club officer. The second session was about "Public speaking". Toastmasters International has an international speech contest every year, and all members have a chance to participate it. We [...]

Special meeting2020-11-01T19:00:33+09:00

#252 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today, we had 8 guests! The most exciting thing was that we got some international guests from Korea, India, and Philippines. We don't usually have international guests, so it was highly exciting opportunity for us.   In the Table Topics Session, R.B asked questions about "The most memorable event in 20XX." Some members shared her experience of purchasing a house or having a baby. It was a nice them to know his/her personal history.   In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. K.M made a speech about a location to live. Thanks to the COVID-19, we are getting [...]

#252 Meeting Minutes2020-10-17T21:40:56+09:00

#251 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today, we had more than 5 guests! Since we have moved to a hybrid-styled meeting, this was the largest number of guests to have! It was a great opportunity for us to hear a diverse opinion.   In the Table Topics Session, R.F asked questions about the change in the Japanese politics, such as "Do you support the new Prime Minister?" or "What do you prioritise if you were a PM of Japan?". Such political and solid questions provide us with good opportunities to think of some difficult issues, which we hesitate.   In the prepared speech session, we had [...]

#251 Meeting Minutes2020-10-03T22:23:18+09:00

(Report) Visiting AYP Toastmasters Club / (レポート)AYP Toastmasters Club


(Report) Visiting AYP Toastmasters Club Hello everyone, this is your blog writer, Y.T!! Last week, I and two more Visionaries members visited AYP (Australia Young Professional) Toastmasters Club, a club located in Australia, meeting. Since most of the members were native speakers, they talked far faster than us about complicated topics. I got nervous for the first time in the last few months. Members were pretty young, as its name shows, and they were highly passionate, especially, I could feel that they were serious in learning public speaking. At the same time, they had a warm atmosphere and welcomed us. They even [...]

(Report) Visiting AYP Toastmasters Club / (レポート)AYP Toastmasters Club2020-09-27T22:13:20+09:00

#250 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Long time no see all! Three months have passed since our new leadership team has been installed. We are now enjoying hybrid styled meeting at Nakahara-shiminkan + ZOOM.   In the Table Topics Session, T.A, asked very unique questions. He supposed each speaker is a prime minister of Japan and asked several tough questions, like "How do you tackle with the COVID-19?" or "How do you increase Japanese birth rate?". All speakers struggled with it, but was a great opportunity to have a solid speech.   In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. Y.T made a passionate speech about [...]

#250 Meeting Minutes2020-09-27T22:14:10+09:00
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