This Saturday, we had a special meeting instead of our regular meeting! The main theme of the meeting was “Re-explore opportunities in Toastmasters”.

Instead of following our regular meeting agenda, we set three session and had a free discussion in each.

The first session was about “Leadership”. As all members know, one on the main purposes of Toastmasters is to cultivate our leadership. We discussed how we can cultivate it through serving as a club officer.

The second session was about “Public speaking”. Toastmasters International has an international speech contest every year, and all members have a chance to participate it. We discussed some benefits and difficulties of competing in a speech contest.

The last session was about “Visionaries”. We usually gather in regular meetings, but if we make actions, we can organise any kinds of events or sessions on our own. Although it got difficult because of the COVID-19, there are still rooms to hold such events!


I personally think it is very important to hold this kind of session regularly, because we can get out of our regular mindset and learn and think why we belong to this organisation.

Maybe we can have this kind of event again soon!