Today, we had two international guests again! Current tough situation of the COVID-19 has provided us a lot of chance to communicate with the international Toastmasters. Why don’t we utilise it?


Y.T facilitated the Table Topics Session creatively. He asked a member to choose three numbers and gave them three words linked to them. The assigned member had to make a speech using those three words. It was a very unique session, as this style requires a member to use his/her creativity.


In the prepared speech session, we had four speakers. R.B made a speech about her diet journey. She shared her story of losing her weight. The longer we spend at home, the more we gain weight. Her story was very useful for all of us.

The second speaker, R.F made a speech about his story with his mentor. Although he attended the meeting online, he stood up and used his full body effectively.

The third speaker, K.K, made a speech about new timers role proposition. He developed an app for a new timers role! His app was incredible and we immediately accepted to adopt his proposition.

The fourth speaker, Y.U, made a speech about drug abuse. His speech was pretty controversial, but sometimes it is important to throw such a question to others so that we can have a chance to consider it.


As usual, all helpers, speakers, and evaluators did a great job! Looking forward to our next meeting on 5th Dec!


[Award winners]

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM G.P (Guest from Greece)

Best Evaluator: TM T.A

Best Prepared Speaker: TM K.K