Today, we had more than 5 guests! Since we have moved to a hybrid-styled meeting, this was the largest number of guests to have! It was a great opportunity for us to hear a diverse opinion.


In the Table Topics Session, R.F asked questions about the change in the Japanese politics, such as “Do you support the new Prime Minister?” or “What do you prioritise if you were a PM of Japan?”. Such political and solid questions provide us with good opportunities to think of some difficult issues, which we hesitate.


In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. R.A made a speech about mindfulness. I knew that mindfulness is becoming popular, but have never heard of actual benefits of it.

The second speaker, T.K made a speech about her experience as a mentee in our club. She made a very passionate speech about her memory with her mentor, H.K. We all miss her.

The third speaker, S.S, made a speech about what to prioritise when choosing a place to live. Convenience? Money? Or value? It made the audience think of their own life.


We had a new role, IT Support, for the first time. There are many improvement points, but I believe it’s an important role to connect the venue and ZOOM.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topics Speaker: Ms. I

Best Evaluator: T.A

Best Prepared Speaker: R.A