Today, we had 8 guests! The most exciting thing was that we got some international guests from Korea, India, and Philippines. We don’t usually have international guests, so it was highly exciting opportunity for us.


In the Table Topics Session, R.B asked questions about “The most memorable event in 20XX.” Some members shared her experience of purchasing a house or having a baby. It was a nice them to know his/her personal history.


In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. K.M made a speech about a location to live. Thanks to the COVID-19, we are getting more free from the location. It is a good but difficult question for all of us to consider.

The second speaker, K.K made a speech about the difference between a coach and a mentor. Unfortunately, we could not catch his speech well, due to a network trouble, but he nicely made a recovery.

The third speaker, Y.T, made a speech about storytelling speeches. Making a speech is our main purpose, but it is alway difficult. Let’s overcome the difficulty together!


As usual, all helpers, speakers, and evaluators did a great job! Since we are having more opportunities to invite international guests, we’d like to see them more.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM S.K and TM A.H

Best Evaluator: TM S.I

Best Prepared Speaker: TM Y.T