Tonight was the first meeting in 2021! Although  we didn’t have any guests, we enjoyed a cozy atmosphere.

The Table Topics Session was presented by T.A. He  asked seven questions, which were seasonal and entertaining.

Prepared speech session was started by M.U. She shared an idea of fortune telling saying that the new period of “air” has just started. Whether or not we believe in fortune telling, it is true that the world is changing. We have to be well prepared.

The second speaker was S.S. He introduced some idea related to his profession, medical care.It is usually difficult to share a topics with a high speciality, but he successfully shared it with the members.

The latter half of the meeting was a contest briefing session. The next meeting  on 23rd Jan is our In-house contest for the year. We all have to be prepared for a good contest!


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM S.K

Best Evaluator: TM Y.U

Best Prepared Speaker: TM U.M