Long time no see all!

Three months have passed since our new leadership team has been installed. We are now enjoying hybrid styled meeting at Nakahara-shiminkan + ZOOM.


In the Table Topics Session, T.A, asked very unique questions. He supposed each speaker is a prime minister of Japan and asked several tough questions, like “How do you tackle with the COVID-19?” or “How do you increase Japanese birth rate?”. All speakers struggled with it, but was a great opportunity to have a solid speech.


In the prepared speech session, we had three speakers. Y.T made a passionate speech about life and climbing. He used his body language effectively.

The second speaker, Y.O made a speech about his experience of mentoring. Mentoring is a crucial aspect of Toastmasters, so his speech was very helpful for other members.

The third speaker, S.I, a guest speaker from Atsugi-zama TMC, made a super unique speech. He supposed himself a man from 2022 and made a speech about innovation. No one in our club is able to make a speech like him!


Fortunately, we had two guests. Since many clubs are struggling with having new guests, we’d like to take care of our precious guests as much as possible.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topics Speaker: Ms. O

Best Evaluator: H.S

Best Prepared Speaker: Y.T