Today, we had one international guest! It is a great opportunity for us to invite a guest from overseas and have a feedback or a comment.


M.S asked some seasonal questions in the Table Topics Session. Questions like “Do you think the Olympic games will be held in 2021?” made us reorganise our way of opinion.


In the prepared speech session, we had four speakers. M.S made a speech about Beethoven. It was a very informative and entertaining speech.

The second speaker, E.W made a speech about her new challenge. As her speech was an icebreaking speech, her speech made us understand her background well.

The third speaker, S.K, made a speech about his story when he was a protege. Through his speech, we leaned a lot about what is a mentor and how it should be.

The fourth speaker, Y.T, made a speech about his story in climbing. He shared his story of making efforts to improve himself.


As usual, all helpers, speakers, and evaluators did a great job! Looking forward to our next meeting on 19th Dec!


[Award winners]

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM H.S

Best Evaluator: TM G.P (Guest from Greece)

Best Prepared Speaker: TM Y.T