Today, we had two international guests! And more excitingly, one of them made a prepared speech! It is a very rare chance for us to hear a speech by an international Toastmaster.


In the Table Topics Session, T.K asked questions related to autumn, such as “What do you come up with from a word autumn?” or “Which sports do you like to play?” Seasonal questions are the basics of Table Topics Session, which never get outdated.


In the prepared speech session, we had four speakers. M.S made a speech about some tips to improve English skills. People say “practice makes perfect”, but she shared some her original quotes for it.

The second speaker, T.A made a very experimental speech, using foreign languages! He used foreign languages to emphasise the importance of body language. It was completely a  mind-blowing speech! Cheers to his creativity.

The third speaker, H.S, made a speech about his story as a mentee. Although he could not have a chance to learn something from his mentor, he learned a lot from Toastmasters itself. His story made us review our initial feel.

The fourth speaker, T.B, a guest from Philippine, made a speech about success. Everyone wants to be successful, but it is always difficult. Why? Because we are all in the middle of our journey! Her speech encouraged us a lot.


As usual, all helpers, speakers, and evaluators did a great job! Looking forward to our next meeting on 21st Nov!


[Award winners]

Best Table Topics Speaker: TM Y.T

Best Evaluator: TM R.B

Best Prepared Speaker: TM T.A