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succinctadjexpressed clearly and in a few wordsYour speech was very succinct without any redundant explanation.Brief, CompactWordy, LengthyTominaga2018/08/18WoE (#199)
leveragevto use something for your benefitI'd like to leverage my presentations skills at work.utilizeKaley2018/08/24Blog post
amplifyvto make larger/stronger/more intenseSome people say salt amplifies the taste of watermelon.increase, boostreduce, quietenKaley2018/08/24Blog post
Bear with me.IdiomBe patent with me.This is going to be a long story, but bear with me.Kaley2018/08/24Blog post
wear and tearnnatural damage as a result of age/timeMy shoes are a year old, so they've started to show some wear and tear.Kaley2018/08/24Blog post
open doorsvto create new opportunitiesLearning a new language could open a lot of doors for you.Kaley2018/08/24Blog post
captivatingadjtaking all your attention; very attractive and interestingHe found her captivating.charming, enchantingrepellent, boringKawaguchi2018/09/01WoE (#200)
Manifestvto show something clearly, especially feeling, an attitude or a qualityYou could have manifested your opinion more.display, showmask, denyTominaga2018/9/15WoE (#201)
Manifestadjeasy to see or understandYour message was manifest to the audience.explicit, obvioushidden, secretTominaga2018/9/15WoE (#201)
Vulnerableadjweak and easily hurt physically or emotionallyShe looked very vulnerable standing there on her own.exposed toimmune toKatsuta2018/9/29WoE (#202)
Off the cuffadjWithout preparation / UnofficiallyI want to improve my skill to make an off-the-cuff speeches.impromptu, unscriptedpreparedSagara2018/9/29#202
Forthrightadjdirect and honestYour speech message was forthright enough to appeal to the audience.frank, directsecretive, dishonestHonda2018/10/06WoE (#203)
Admire sbvto respect sb for what they have done or torespect their qualitiesI really admire TM Setogawa's speech style.Sagara2018/10/06#203
Excel in sthvto be very good at doing sthHe always excels in organizing the speech structure.Sagara2018/10/06#203
SuperbadjExtremely goodToday's meeting was sperb!excellent, first-ratepoor, inferiorKawaguchi2018/10/20WoE (#204)
Inclusiveadjincluding everythingEvaluation must be inclusive.ExclusiveAthira2018/11/3WoE (#205)
cogentadjstrongly and clearyly expressed in a way that infulencess what people believeYour speech ws supported by cogent reasons.convincingKaley2018/11/3#205
illuminatevto make sth clearer or easier to understandYou successfully illuminated the difficult theme.Kaley2018/11/3#205
tactfuladjcareful not to say or do anything that will annoy or upset other peopleEvaluation must be tactful and respectful.Kaley2018/11/3#205
incredibleadjimpossible or very difficult to believeYour speech was incredible! You incredibly summarized a difficult topic!marvelous, wonderful, greatKaley2018/11/17WoE (#206)
versusprepagainst (as opposed to, in contrast to)Evaluators must deal with a tradeoff: its quality versus lengthKikuta2018/12/1WoE (#207)
Presentna giftLet's exhange X'mas presents!Katashima2018/12/15WoE (#208)
Presentvgive or award formally or ceremoniallyThank you for presenting a wonderful suggestion.Katashima2018/12/15WoE (#208)
Presentadjexisting or occuring nowLet's be careful not to use present tence in an unsuitable context.Katashima2018/12/15WoE (#208)
Thrillvcause (someone) to have a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasureI an very thrilled to be TMoE for the first time.Sagara2019/1/12WoE (#209)
camaraderienClose friendship in a group of friends or teammates. foster camaraderiefriendshipShiina2019/1/19WoE (#210)
stunningadjExtremely attractive or beautifulThe first sentence of your speech was stunning.remarkable, amazingAthira2019/2/16WoE (#212)
brilliantadjExtremely clever or skilful / ExcelentYou body language was brilliant.excelent, amazingEmma2019/3/2WoE (#213)
sharpadjHaving a very thin edge or point / Able to think and understand things very quickly...You have a very sharp opinion.intence, smart, vivid...Tominaga2019/3/16WoE (#214)
explicitadjsteted clearly and in detail.Why don't describe the situation more explicitly?clear, direct, obviousvagueKawaguchi4/6WoE (#216)
far outadjunsual, excellentYout speech was so far out that everyone was attracted!Someya2019/5/11WoE (#218)
rockyadjdifficult, challengingTable topic session is a very rocky part of the meeting,Setogawa2019/5/18WoE (#219)