Tonight was the last meeting in 2020.

We had one international guest and enjoyed a warm atmosphere regardless of this rigorous year due to Covid-19, which was appropriate as a farewell to this year.


Today’s ice breaking session was presented by the President S.S.  Topic was ‘What kind of present did you want when you were a child?’, which was asked to all attendees.  This heartwarming topic reminded all of us of happy time in our childhood.

Word of the evening was ‘outstanding’.  Four members used during the meeting.


Table topic session was presented by Y.U.  Seven questions related Covid-19, Christmas, looking back 2020 and foresight of 2021 were suitable for the year end.

Prepared speech session was started by K.M.  The theme was his expertise, the patent law.  Introducing an ATM’s small invention process, he explained how a patent is invented.  So, it was amazingly understandable and he finally suggested us keeping consciousness in our daily life to get a patent.

The second speaker was Y.T.  She introduced Erie Mayer’s book ‘The Culture Map’ and showed helpful visual aids in order to understand different cultures.  Also, her personal experience with a young Dutch colleague enhanced her message.  As a result, she achieved in making a persuasive speech.

Finally, S.K made an outstanding speech with sophisticated humors of a mature adult as ‘A Man of Swinging Vision’.  He is so experienced not only as a speech speaker but also as a successful person that his speech always gives us clues to live our own life.  Today’s his phrase, ‘I’m retired but I don’t retire my life.’ was one of impressive words of tonight.

All in all, thanks to all helpers, attendees and absent members who prepared this meeting behind the scene, we could finish the enjoyable last meeting in 2020.  Next meeting (and in-house contest!) will be held on Jan 9th (online only).  Stay safe, stay warm, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM S.K

Best Evaluator: TM A.R

Best Prepared Speaker: TM S.K