#332 Minutes 2024/April/6


Today’s meeting was hybrid style.
We had one guest today.
We shared our recent good news during the ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting.
Today’s Word of the evening was “splendid”.
It was a splendid meeting.

Table Topic Session

Today’s table topic master was TM A.M.
Her table topics are based on 5W (What, Why, When, Where, Who).
Each table topic speaker enjoyed answering difficult questions.

Speech Session

Today we had one speaker.
TM A.M. talked about “My Communication Style”.
He analyzed and presented his communication style.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator was TM Y.T., and Individual Evaluator was TM Y.T.
Individual Evaluator TM Y.T. gave 3 good points, content, stand-up style, delivery speed, and 1 improvement point, vocal variety, on today’s speech.
General Evaluator TM Y.T. commented that today’s WoE, splendid, is a good word because we tend to use only “good” frequently to express good, but using other word like “splendid” sophisticate our speaking skill.
We used WoE 3 times today.

Award Session

Table Topic: Mr. K.T.


TM A.M. reported the number of WoE we used in the last half year.
We set a target number of 50 and we achieved to use a total of 54.

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