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#280 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #280 Minutes 2022/Jan/8 Today we had three guests.  This is the first meeting in 2022. We didn’t have an ice breaking session because we had a special session for humorous speech contestant. Today’s Word of the evening was “align”. This word has the meaning not only arrange in a straight line, bring into an agreement. Table topic session Today's table topic master was TM. T.A. Today's table topic session was about personal experience, most memorable memory in 2021, the place you want to go in 2022, achievement what you want to make in 2022, and so on. Each table topic [...]

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#279 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #279 Minutes 2021/Dec/18 Today we had no guest.  Christmas Present Exchange This is the last meeting in 2021. We had an event “Christmas Present Exchange” All on-site member brought various Christmas gift, coffee, chocolate, flower and so on. We all explain the gifts and the reason of choice. That was such a fun time! Table topic session Today's topic master was TM E.W. The topics were related Toast Masters experiences. Each topic speaker made a nice prompt speech. Prepared speech There was one prepared speaker today. The speaker was TM Y.T. The topic was about the relation between economy and [...]

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#278 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #278 Minutes 2021/Dec/4 Today we had no guest.  Humorous Speech Contest In today's meeting, we had a humorous speech contest. Three speakers delivered original funny stories. The results are 1st prize TM S.K. 2nd prize TM Y.U. 3rd prize TM M.S. TM S.K. and TM Y.U go to the area contest. Table Topic In today's table topic session, TM H.S. was the topic master. Today's table topic session was about personal question, birthday, anniversary, brothers and sisters and so on. Each table topic speaker made a nice speech. Prepared Speech There were only one prepared speaker today. because we spent [...]

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#277 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #277 Minutes 2021/Nov/20 Today we had no guest. In Ice break session, we talk about MVP in our surrounding people. We enjoyed sharing our MVPs.  Today's Word of the evening was “unanimous”. This word is from Syohei Ohtani' MVP  shared with TM. S.K. Table Topic In today's table topic session, TM R.F. was the topic master. He gave us several questions about Christmas. We enjoyed a lot in the Table topic session. Prepared Speech There were three speakers in today's speech session. The first speaker TM H.S talked about vocal variety. He performed Rakugo in English to learn vocal variety. [...]

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#276 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #276 Minutes 2021/Nov/6 Today we didn't have ice break session because we had a special session for humorous speech contest. We have three guests. That was exiting. Table Topic Today's Table topic master was TM K.M. His first question was if you had time what did you do. Other topics related to how to spend your extra time. Some guest asked to topic master to assign topic speaker, and three guests answered the table topic. Prepared Speech There were two people in the Table topic session. There were two speakers today. The first speaker TM M.S. made an icebreaker speech [...]

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#275 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #275 Minutes 2021/Oct/16 In today's ice break session, we talked about what was the most expensive purchase in the past year. Since the iPhone 13 was recently released, many people said that iPhone 13 was their most expensive purchase. TM M.I. introduced a unique and limited-edition doll that is only sold in Shanghai Disney land. She said it was very expensive because it was imported and only available there. It was really cute. Table Topic Today's table topic session was about Halloween. Halloween is celebrated all over the world, and also the Disney made a movie titled “Coco”, which is set [...]

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#274 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #274 Minutes 2021/Oct/2 In the Ice break session, we discussed a slightly interesting agenda. “If you were Marketing manager and wanted to raise Toastmasters dues, what strategy would you come up? It was good opportunity for the club members to think about the strategy. Today's Word of the Evening was “Elaborate”. Table Topic Table topic session was handled by TM Y.K. and main topic was Covid-19 The state of emergency has been lifted, but we are still expecting a sixth wave. We discussed what to do in such a case. TM E.W. said she might go out. While we are [...]

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#273 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #273 Minutes 2021/Sep/18 There were few participants today, probably because of the start of national holidays. Therefore, we had a little more time today and started the meeting with a relatively longer ice break session of about 15 minutes. The topic was whether we can control our luck, and we were divided into four groups and each group shared their opinions. Since most of us are positive people, we talked a lot about how we can change our luck with our minds. Also concluded good luck could be somewhat relative to others. It's a difficult topic. Today's Word of the [...]

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#272 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #272 Minutes 2021/Sep/4 Today's ice break session was about what could happen in the next coming year. At this time of the year, the financial companies seem to make a top 10 list of things that will happen in the future, so we decided to imitate that. We were divided into four groups and had various discussions. The most frightening conclusion was the decline of the stock market. It's scary just thinking about it! We had a first time for helper role. TM M.I. did her first ah counter. Table Topic Today's Table topic master was TM S.K. The first question [...]

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#271 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #271 Minutes 2021/Aug/21 The director of Area 96 was our guest today. He gave us very good feedback from our club about good things and differences from others. The most surprising feedback was, other clubs usually have table topic at the very end of all sessions. It would give all of speakers including prepared speaker to have a chance to have impromptu speech, which we are now avoiding for their incoming prepared speech. For the ice-breaker session, we talked about surprises that happened in the past 48 hours. Since there were 15 members today, we were divided into 4 groups for [...]

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