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#268 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #268 Minutes 2021/Jul/03 Today’s meeting is a first day for our new President and new officers! Our president is very experienced TM member, and this is his 2nd opportunity for the president role for his 11 years TM career. The president said "We may need to improve the way of having the meeting with expecting the pandemic situation better. If possible, we want to see in person this year." Word of the evening Today’s Word of the Evening was “deliberate”. Table topic Table topic was handled by T.A. The topics were random questions, including Olympic, the way of learning effectively, which [...]

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#267 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #267 Minutes  2021/6/19 Tonight’s meeting was the final meeting held by current officers, President S.S, VPE M.U, VPE M.S, VPPR K.K, Secretary M.S, Treasurer K.M and SAA T.K, thank you for all officers’ efforts and members supports for through a year even though in rigorous situation due to COVID-19! This last meeting was started with free conversation about what you are interested in and are good or not good at, which showed new findings of each members’ preferences today.  “The salt of the Earth” that is tonight’s word(s) of the evening, suggested by Y.T was a golden phrase expressing valuable person [...]

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#266 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today’s meeting was a special one.  We had the annual officer election for the first half, after that, the Table Topic Fest. Officer election is a kind of futuristic Toastmaster’s event held once a year before the end of each term, which follows the idiosyncratic flow to elect officers for the next term.  Toastmasters has seven officers in each club, President, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of PR, Secretary, Treasurer and Sargent of Arms.  All candidates made speeches to deliver their resolutions.  This is a Toastmasters’ seasonal special scene.   After all officers were elected, [...]

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#265 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #265 Minutes 2021/5/22 Under the extended “Semi precaution emergency statement” in Kawasaki city, we had today’s meeting only on zoom. Yet, tonight’s meeting was full of warm atmosphere thanks to friendly members. Icebreaking conversations in each break room, we talked about both a) new routine and b) favorite time during stay home. Many members’ favorite moment was drinking at home. I am one of them, we are loving drinking! Today’s Word of the Evening was “seamless”. It was easy for some members to take in and several times used at the educational portion. Table topic theme presented by Y.U was about [...]

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#264 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #264 Minutes 2021/5/8 As we took ‘Golden Week’ into account, today’s meeting was held on the 2nd Saturday of May. We had ten attendees, so, the meeting was compact but filled with friendly mood, even on zoom. Two of Ice breaking session’s theme were a kind of self-introduction, “What you like” and “What you hate”, which were nice to re-explore unknown preferences of familiar faces. S.K proposed tonight Word of the Evening ‘sluggish’ with informative visual aid on shared screen. Therefore many members impressed by it and were able to use the word. As the Table Topic, unique extreme choices were [...]

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#263 Meeting Minutes


Minutes #263 Minutes 2021/4/17 It was a rainy day. R.B who is a member from India didn’t carry her umbrella. But she said. She doesn’t care about the weather forecast even if it would rain. Also, the reason why she does not so is because she loves dancing in the rain in her home province, Bengal. Imagine. A young girl with a beautiful saree dances in the rain. What a romantic scene. On such a spring rainy day before the intensive prevention measure from spreading COVID-19 in Kawasaki from Apr. 20th, we had a hybrid style meeting at both Nakahara Shiminkan and [...]

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#262 Meeting Minutes


Minutes After the state of emergency was eased, today, we returned to hybrid style, at Nakahara Shiminkan and zoom. So some members could reunited onsite. First, we had an ice breaking session, discussing about an idea of the shift of the beginning of academic year from April to September, which is the issue that is discussed its pros and cons around this season every year. Word of the Evening was “miraculous(-ly)” was used several times by many members. Table Topics were about Japanese features that were revealed by recent Olympics’ troubles or Covid-19. Seven questions were asked by K.M, not only [...]

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#261 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Today, though we had an earthquake immediate after the start of the meeting, our meeting was finished safely. We had two guests, one was from Myanmar and the other was Japanese who declared to join our club at the end of the meeting. Spring wind brought new member. Wow! First, we had a free discussion in each small four group as ice breaking session, speaking about plan or change in our life after the state of emergency lifted. Today’s word of the evening was “Vitality”, which was suitable for active season at the end of 2020 fiscal year. H.W presented [...]

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#259 Meeting Minutes


Minutes Though smaller number of attendees than usual, we, Visionaries had an enjoyable meeting with a warm atmosphere in zoom. During the relaxed ice breaking session, we discussed about the theme ‘Can you accept eating insect?’ We could have a unique conversation about a food shortage in the future. Table Topics Master S.K. asked six questions about recent issues, gender equality, anti-COVID vaccination, SNS, earthquake, etc. Thanks to all answers by speakers, we could reconsider about such controversial problems. We had two prepared speakers, H.S. and T.A. Their speeches were persuasive and full of humor respectively. H.S. utilized the raising hand [...]

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#258 Meeting Minutes


Minutes According to the calendar, tonight meeting was the first meeting in 2021 spring after “Setsubun; the day of the close of winter” in Japan, though, weather is still chilly in Kawasaki area. However visionaries’ meeting on zoom was exciting! We welcomed two guests, including international one.   Today, the ice breaking session’s theme was about the women’s rate in office, on which we exchanged our opinions each other. The word of the evening was ‘ignorant’ proposed by today’s Grammarian S.K. and he gave us a usage example, “Mr. Mori is ignorant person”. Both of them were timely after the news [...]

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