#336 Minutes 2024/June/15


Today’s meeting was zoom style.
We had one guest here today.
We had an ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting.
TM S.K. introduced the topic of expressing gratitude.
Then we shared our experiences about it.
Today’s Word of the evening was “in a nutshell”.

New Officers Installation Ceremony

We had a New Officers Installation Ceremony for the next Toast Masters term by President TM S.K.
Each new officer member declared that they would do their best.

Table Topic Session

Today’s table topic master was TM H.S.
His table topics were about songs and music.
Each table topic speaker enjoyed answering.

Speech Session

Today we had one speaker.
TM W.M. gave a speech titled “My Hobby”.
He introduced his hobbies and lifestyle at the university.
We enjoyed his speech.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator was TM T.M., and Individual Evaluator was TM Y.U.
Each evaluator gave sharp but warm comments for the speech and this meeting.
Today’s number of uses of WoE was 2 times.

Award Session

Table Topic: TM S.K.

Discussion Session

TM S.K. introduced a video about “selective attention test”.
This video shows that when people focus on a certain thing, we tend to ignore other kinds of things. We shared each experience like this video.
We also discussed and commented on today’s speech.

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