#316 Minutes 2023/August/5


We had one guest here today.
Today’s Word of the Evening was “skosh”. “skosh” means small amount or a little bit. As you can imagine, the word comes from a Japanese word “sukoshi”. Like “manga”, some Japanese words have become English words.

Ice breaking Session

Each members talked about their plans for summer vacation.

Table Topic Session

A guest Y.Y belongs to Tokyo Table Topics Toastmasters. He gave us a mini lecture tip for table topic session. His advice was to hold a feedback time for one minutes and half, on top of usual 2 minutes and half impromptu speech time. We did some trial. Two members delivered table topic speeches and other members gave feedbacks for each speaker.

Speech session

TM Y.H introduced “Min-challe” which is an app to promote our habits (ex. getting up early). Also, she showed the enthusiasm for this app. Although it was her second speech since she joined the club, she successfully completed it.

TM M.S ‘s project was “Managing a Difficult Audience” While she was talking about historic and social matters, other members disturbed her, by chattering, interrupting, and arguing. To our surprise, she successfully managed those difficult audience and completed her speech until the end.

Evaluation session

General Evaluator was TM S.K, and Individual Evaluators were TM S.K and TM Y.T.
TM S.K. evaluated comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and perfect eye contact while TM H.Y was delivering speech.

TM Y.T praised TM M.H that she completed the speech despite unexpected reactions or questions from the audience.

Award session

Not held.

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