After the state of emergency was eased, today, we returned to hybrid style, at Nakahara Shiminkan and zoom. So some members could reunited onsite.

First, we had an ice breaking session, discussing about an idea of the shift of the beginning of academic year from April to September, which is the issue that is discussed its pros and cons around this season every year. Word of the Evening was “miraculous(-ly)” was used several times by many members.

Table Topics were about Japanese features that were revealed by recent Olympics’ troubles or Covid-19. Seven questions were asked by K.M, not only virtues but also snags. We could see Japan’s “as it is” from different point of views. All impromptu speeches were competitive, so that three speakers won today’s best speaker(s)!

Both two prepared speakers presented about clues how to live enjoyable life. Firstly, S.S gave us how to make tasty tea to release stress, which dramatically improves quality of black tea but it was piece of cake! That’s why he achieved to attract audiences. Afterword, S.K made a practical speech that was suggestion of 20 min walk in the morning with scientific mechanism; how to activate Serotonin that is a key to avoid a shadow of sleep during daytime. All audience must have felt it should be taken as a daily routine.

[Award winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM E.W, TM S.K and TM E.W
Best Evaluator: TM E.W
Best Prepared Speaker: TM S.K