We felt like we were in a movie theater. Our club’s president played the video of the champion’s speech from last year’s international speech contest during the opening. It was fun to be in a dark room and watch the video. Big thanks to MK and HS who prepared the audio-visual environment. YU’s speaker did a good job.

Meeting #210 had a problem to solve; there were only 2 speakers! But TMoE MS had dealt with this situation before. She quickly asked around to have 2 evaluators for each speaker. Thanks to her effort we were able to have a rich agenda. 

Topicsmaster was KK. He is one of the techiest members and just read out questions from some twitter account which apparently tweets table topics questions. Don’t reinvent the wheel!

MK gave a speech on a seasonal topic. Almost of us have never tried ehomaki or checked my fortune direction but his comical speech about a city with his name on it made us laugh. YS also gave a speech about his communication style.

Best table topics speaker went to SK who were faced with such a difficult question: What will our culture be like in 100 years? Singularity…We never know! Also one of the guests received the award, too. It was impressive he talked for 1 minutes and 50 seconds although it was his first try. We all know how difficult it is to keep talking. Best evaluator was YU who gave us precious advice. WeI hope that this project exists on other members’ paths as well so that we can see many interpretations of the project by different members. 

We welcomed 4 guests tonight one of whom decided to join. A new member from Taiwan! 

TMoE MS has been getting better and better at speaking in front of the audience. She speaks more slowly with lower voice which makes her really easy to understand.