COT and TLI 2020

Hello everyone, this is Y.T, President of Visionaries TMC.

Yesterday, 19th Jan, I attended COT and TLI in Odaiba.

COT stands for Club Officers Training. It is an annual event where club officers gather and discuss varieties of issues. Usually it is held by each Division, but this time, it was held with several Divisions together.

The main topic was “How to increase memebers”. Each club shared its own solutions. Every club is struggling with this issue. That’s why, we always discuss it, but there aren’t any definitive solution. Many club ran Facebook. Few club ran Twitter.

Being an officer requires attending such events so it is pretty tough, but you can learn something from it. If you are interested in officers, why don’t you try it?


Got interested? We are always welcoming guests! Contact us here!

COT and TLI 2020

こんにちは、Visionaries TMC会長のY.Tです。


COTとは、Club Officers Trainingのことで、各クラブの役員が集まって様々な議論を行います。通常はDivisionという地域単位で行うのですが、今回は複数のDivisionを集めてかなり大人数で行いました。




TLIとは、Toastmasters Leadership Instituteというイベントで、今回が初開催です。非会員の方も参加して、リーダーシップや世界レベルのスピーチを分析しました。一セッション1時間半ほどで結構疲れたのですが、普段の例会では得ることのできない視点や情報が得られたので大変ためになりました。




Visionaries TMCではいつでもゲスト歓迎です! ご興味のある方はこちらからコンタクトください。