#331 Minutes 2024/March/16


Today’s meeting was zoom style.
We had an ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting.
TM S.K. introduced a video about The ethical dilemma of self-driving cars.
Then we shared our opinions about it in the Ice breaking session.
Today’s Word of the evening was “concern”.

Table Topic Session

Today’s table topic master was TM S.K.
His table topics are about graduation memories, after graduation etc.
Each table topic speaker enjoyed answering.

Speech Session

Today we had one speaker.
TM Y.U. talked about “What changes our lives”.
The structure of the speech was very easy to listen. The story was also easy to understand.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator was TM A.M., and Individual Evaluator was TM A.M.
Each evaluator gave sharp but warm comments for the speech and this meeting.
We used WoE 1 time today.

Award Session

Table Topic: TM Y.T.

Speech contest practice

TM Y.T challenges the speech contest. We checked his brave and perfect speech.

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