#329 Minutes 2024/February/17

Briefing on the Club Competition

Today was a special meeting to prepare for the Club Competition.
We selected one member to participate in the club competition.
In this competition, participants will be evaluated based on various aspects related to their speech skills and leadership abilities.
We listened carefully to two speeches and voted for the better one.

Feedback Session

Each member attended the feedback session and commented on the two speeches.


Today we skipped the ice-breaking session to make time for the club competition elections.
Today’s Word of the Evening was “superb”.

Table Topic Session

Today’s table topic master was TM H.S.
He asked what you would do if you had transcendent powers, such as being a wizard, an invisible person, or Superman.
Each table topic speaker enjoyed answering.

Speech Session

Today we omitted speech session.

Evaluation Session

We used WoE 15 times today.

Award Session

Table Topic: TM Y.T.

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