#324 Minutes 2023/December/2


Today’s meeting was hybrid style.
We had one guest today.
We talked about good and new thing of this year at the ice-breaking session.
Today’s Word of the evening was “elaborate”.

Table Topic Session

Today’s table topic master was TM Y.T.
The theme was about this year and next year.
We shared our impressions of this year or enthusiasm for next year.
It was enjoyable session.

Speech Session

Today TM S.K. gave a great big speech about Coaching.
Title was “Coaching-why am I here?”
He elaborated the coaching method to analyze the situation and live positively.
The speech was interesting and informative and 20 minutes went by quickly.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator was TM H.S., and Individual Evaluators was TM T.A.
TM T.A. complimented TM S.K. on giving the best speech.
TM H.S. agreed with that comment.
We used WoE 2 times today.

Award Session

Table Topic: TM S.K.

Discussion session

We discussed today’s speech more.
We could know more about what TM S.K. did and the coaching method.

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