#322 Minutes 2023/November/4


Today’s meeting was hybrid style.
There was 1 guest.
We had an ice-breaking session and had a small discussion about Taylor Swift’s NYU Commencement speech.
Today’s Word of the Evening was “articulate”.
The meeting had lots of articulate speeches.

Table Topic Session

TM Y.T. gave some questions about 30 nominated words for the 2023 Buzzword of the Year Award.
Each speaker answered a question that related to buzzword such as “ARE”,”Don’t worry, I’m wearing pants”. All topic speakers performed very well.

Speech Session

We had one speaker today.
TM H.Y. focused on vocal variety and body language in her speech.
She made a speech about her journey as a Toastmaster.

Evaluation Session

General Evaluator was TM S.K., and Individual Evaluators was TM H.S. for the speech.
Each evaluator gave sharp comments for speech and this meeting.
Today, we used WoE 2 times. The results were a bit disappointing.

Award Session

Table Topic: TM H.S.

Discussion session

We finished earlier than usual and we had a discussion session after the regular meeting.
We discussed what we can do to attract the attention of potential guests and increase the number of club members.
We had a nice discussion with one guest.

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