#319 Minutes 2023/September/16


Today’s meeting was zoom style.
There were two guests.
We had an ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting.
TM Kamitaki introduced a video about peer pressure.
We shared each opinion about it and this was a new style of ice-breaking session.
Today’s Word of the Evening was “familiar with”.
To be more conscious of WoE, we set a numerical target.

Table Topic Session

TM Y.T suggested a kind of new style of Table Topic Session.
Instead of asking questions, he gave 3 key words and the answerer told a story using these key words.
Each answerer answered impromptu story which is fiction or non-fiction.

Speech session

We had two speakers today.
TM Y.T gave his analysis about popular picture book, Very Hungry Catapiller. It was unveiled that this story can be applied to the growth of adults.
TM M.S shared her experience of her Pathways. She encouraged us to challenge the difficult project of Pathways.

Evaluation session

General Evaluator was TM E.W, and Individual Evaluators was TM S.K.
Each evaluator gave sharp comments for speech and this meeting.
Today’s number of uses of WoE was 6.

Digest Session

We had one more new attempt. Digest session is aimed to digest today’s meeting.
We talked about each unclear points or something we couldn’t refer to in the meeting.

Award session

We had 4 award winner!
Table Topic: TM H.Y, TM E.W, TM J.M and TM S.K

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