#318 Minutes 2023/September/2


Today’s meeting was hybrid style.
There was one guest.
We had an ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting.
The theme was about sports.
Today’s Word of the Evening was “polish”.
We polished our English skill each other.

Table Topic Session

TM H.S was the table topic master. He asked some questions about travel such as good memory, memorable food, accident, etc. We, including the guest, shared each experience about travel and enjoyed the session.

Speech session

We had two speakers today.
TM Y.T talked about her respect person, former boss. Interestingly, his documentary was made into movie.
TM M.S played a facilitator of panel discussion. TM Y.T and TM H.Y helped her as panelists. All of them did great job and discussed on grade 1 English proficiency test.

Evaluation session

General Evaluator was TM Y.U, and Individual Evaluators were TM E.W and TM T.A.
Both individual evaluators gave sharp comments for each speech.

Award session

Table Topic: TM E.W and TM Y.T

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