#303 Minutes 2023/January/7


Today We have three guests Mr. T.S, Ms. A.F, Mr. T.G.
Today’s ice break session was about this yearend holiday. Someone visited his/her hometown, someone did nothing special.
Anyway all members made a prompt speech about their good vacation.

Today’s Word of the evening was prune.
This meaning of this word is
① To cut off some of the branches of a tree or bush to make it grow better.
② To make something smaller by removing parts that you do not need or want

Table Topic

Today’s Table topic master was TM Y.U.
Today’s theme is New year 2023, new year’s resolution, food, place, lucky money(otoshidama).
Each speaker made wounderful speeches.

Prepared Speech

There were two speakers today
The first speaker was TM S.K. He gave a speech about his SNS activity.
He mada a humorous speech with three points approach. We all enjoyed his research.

The second speaker was TM T.A.
His speech was about eyecontact. He made a funny story about his experience.


Table Topic: Guest T.S
Prepared Speech: TM T.A.
Evaluation: TM Y.T.

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