#297 Minutes 2022/October/1


Today We have one gueat MS.Y.K.
Today’s ice break session was about this years achievement. All members made a prompt speech about this years resoluton such as health and cleaning up my room.

Table Topic

Today’s Table topic master was TM Y.U.

Today’s theme is school days, favorite subject, favorite teahter and so on. And after this theme, topic master gave one word and topic speaker made a short speech.

All speaker made wonderful speeches.

Prepared Speech

There were two speakers today

The first speaker was TM E.Y.She gave a speach about her special speech about Toast Masters history. She mada a big speech around 20 mins. We all enjoyed learned from her research.

The second speaker was TM H.S. His speech was storytelling. He made a funny story about his experience.


Table Topic: TM E.Y

Prepared Speech: TM H.S.

Evaluation: TM Y.T.

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