#296 Minutes 2022/September/17


Today we had one guest.

We had an ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting. Today’s theme was a plan for this or the next successive holidays.

Today’s Word of the evening was _elaborate_ (as a verb, not an adjective).

Table topic session

Today’s table topic master was TM Y.T.

Her table topics were related to British something, the impressed royal member, what we want to do there, what we want to drink, the British-related movie, Hurry Potter, and so on.

Each table-topic speaker wowed us.

Prepared Speech session

Today TM Y.U. did a great technical speech for this session. It was related to ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).

The speech was very informative and contributed to the future attendee’s investment in the stock market.


Table topic speaker: TM J.K (guest from the other club)

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