#295 Minutes 2022/September/3


Today we had one guest.

We had an ice-breaking session at the beginning of the meeting. Today’s theme was an achievement this summer.

Today’s Word of the evening was “wow” (as a verb not interjection).

Table topic session

Today’s table topic master was TM S.K.

His table topics were related to autumn or September like songs, the beginning of the semester, national holidays, etc.

Each table-topic speaker wowed us.

Prepared Speech session

Today we had two speakers. The first speaker was TM K.M. His speech topic was about the experience of saving.

The second speaker was TM T.A. His speech topic was his leadership style.

Both speeches were very exciting and interesting.


Table topic speaker: Ms. Y.K (guest), TM S.K

Evaluator: TM S.K

Speaker: TM T.A

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