#289 Minutes 2022/Jun/4

Today we had  no guest. 

We didn’t have an ice breaking session at the beginning of the meeting, because we had an officer election for the next Toast Masters year.

Today’s Word of the evening was “tremendous”.

Officer election

We decided officers for the next Toast Masters year.

President: TM Y.T.

Vice President education: TM S.K.

Vice President membership: TM M.S.

Vice President public relationship: TM U.K.

Secretary: TM T.M

Treasure: TM R.F.

Surgent at arms: TM H.S.

Table topic session festival

Today we had two table topic masters one was TM. H.S.

His table topics were related to superlative (best most and so on) story.

And another topic master was TM Y.U.

His table topics were as like Table topic contest. Two speakers answered same question.

Each table topic speaker made a wonderful speech.


Table topic : TM S.K

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