#287 Minutes 2022/May/7

Today we had  no guest. 

We  had an ice breaking session at the beginning of the meeting. The theme is a plan after covid-19.

Today’s Word of the evening was “vulnerable”.

Table topic session

Today’s table topic master was TM. Y.U.

Today’s table topics were debate style. one speaker takes one side (positive or negative) the other speaker takes opposite side.

There were some controversial topics. Each table topic speaker made a nice speech.

Technical Presentation Professional Session

Today one speaker make a presentation about his/her speciality. And we have a Q&A session after his/her speech.

Today’s speaker was TM T.A.

He made a speech about his business about gold mining. it was a very exciting , wonderful and informative speech.

After his speech all members asked good question and he answered very well.

One evaluator evaluated his speech another evaluator evaluated the session comprehensively.


Table topic : TM Y.T

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