#280 Minutes 2022/Jan/8

Today we had three guests. 

This is the first meeting in 2022. We didn’t have an ice breaking session because we had a special session for humorous speech contestant.

Today’s Word of the evening was “align”. This word has the meaning not only arrange in a straight line, bring into an agreement.

Table topic session

Today’s table topic master was TM. T.A.

Today’s table topic session was about personal experience, most memorable memory in 2021, the place you want to go in 2022, achievement what you want to make in 2022, and so on.

Each table topic speaker made a nice speech.

Prepared speech

There were two prepared speakers today.

The first speaker was TM.M.I. The topic was about involution. This word means an act or instance of involving or entangling, something complicated.

The second speaker was TM Y.T. The topic was new gadgets that she bouget recently to make extra time in her life.

Both speeches are well organized and very useful.

Open evaluation for humorous speech contestant

There was one speaker today.

The speaker was TM.S.K. He made a wonderful speech and received many useful advices.


Table topic : Guest J.M

Evaluation: No competition

Speech: No competition

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