#279 Minutes 2021/Dec/18

Today we had no guest. 

Christmas Present Exchange

This is the last meeting in 2021. We had an event “Christmas Present Exchange”

All on-site member brought various Christmas gift, coffee, chocolate, flower and so on.

We all explain the gifts and the reason of choice. That was such a fun time!

Table topic session

Today’s topic master was TM E.W. The topics were related Toast Masters experiences. Each topic speaker made a nice prompt speech.

Prepared speech

There was one prepared speaker today.

The speaker was TM Y.T. The topic was about the relation between economy and emotion. She explained sunk cost very intelligibly. People understand that the cost already spent never getting back again on brain. However, they can’t accept in their mind.


Table topic : TM Y.K

Evaluation: TM S.K.

Speech: TM Y.T.

Christmas present: TM E.W.

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