#278 Minutes 2021/Dec/4

Today we had no guest. 

Humorous Speech Contest

In today’s meeting, we had a humorous speech contest. Three speakers delivered original funny stories.

The results are 1st prize TM S.K. 2nd prize TM Y.U. 3rd prize TM M.S.

TM S.K. and TM Y.U go to the area contest.

Table Topic

In today’s table topic session, TM H.S. was the topic master. Today’s table topic session was about personal question, birthday, anniversary, brothers and sisters and so on.

Each table topic speaker made a nice speech.

Prepared Speech

There were only one prepared speaker today. because we spent a lot of time for the humorous speech contest.

The first speaker was TM.R.F. The topic was about team collaboration.


Table Topic TM Y.K.

Evaluator TM K.M.

Speech TM R.F.

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