#275 Minutes 2021/Oct/16

In today’s ice break session, we talked about what was the most expensive purchase in the past year.

Since the iPhone 13 was recently released, many people said that iPhone 13 was their most expensive purchase.

TM M.I. introduced a unique and limited-edition doll that is only sold in Shanghai Disney land. She said it was very expensive because it was imported and only available there. It was really cute.

Table Topic

Today’s table topic session was about Halloween. Halloween is celebrated all over the world, and also the Disney made a movie titled “Coco”, which is set in Mexico and depicts the connection with our ancestors, topic theme is about life and our families.

The first question asked was what was most important, and TM M.S. said that is laughing. The other question was about regrets in life. TM K.K. shared some regrets not focusing on study as a student.

Prepared Speech

There were two prepared speakers today.

The first speaker was TM K.M. The topic was about aging. He said that his appearance had changed because of his age, but his way of thinking is still the same. The reason for this is that he can still play in the ocean as usual, and he still does the same kind of work.


The second speaker was TM Y.T.

His speech started with a question about whether ghosts exist, as it was Halloween. There are many different ways of thinking, so some people believe in ghosts, while others do not. There are also many different religions in the world, and people have many different ways of thinking.

For example, 7% of people in Brazil believe that the earth is flat. This may be hard to believe for the most people.

But think about “Sarin case”. Why did such an incident happen? It may have been a result of the believers’ beliefs.

There may be many ways to believe and think and no one complains about it, however, sometimes we need to think about them carefully.


Table topic & Evaluation: TM.H.S.

Speech: TM.K.M. & TM Y.T.

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