#274 Minutes 2021/Oct/2

In the Ice break session, we discussed a slightly interesting agenda. “If you were Marketing manager and wanted to raise Toastmasters dues, what strategy would you come up? It was good opportunity for the club members to think about the strategy.

Today’s Word of the Evening was “Elaborate”.

Table Topic

Table topic session was handled by TM Y.K. and main topic was Covid-19

The state of emergency has been lifted, but we are still expecting a sixth wave. We discussed what to do in such a case.

TM E.W. said she might go out. While we are keeping be careful, we still prefer to see in person.

The second question was what we would like to do again mostly once we return to before Covid. TM T.A. said he had been traveling abroad and wanted to take that life back.

TM K.K. was asked if there was anything he would like to leave behind even after Covid, and he said it is WFH. It is still good because it is easy to work.

Prepared Speech

There were two people in the Table topic session.

First speaker was TM M.I. and it was her first speech in toast masters club! She said she was nervous, but she was able to explain her work and how she is being involved clearly. She said she works in the semiconductor industry, and she explained about the industry and her job very well. I look forward to her next speech.

The second speaker was TM Y.T. The title of her speech was rock & roll. Turned out it is referring to Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, where the Japanese word for it is consisted of rock(Ishino) and roll(Maki). Ishinomaki, however, was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. She shared with us the situation with horrible pictures. 10 years past, still we remember deeply. At the end, TM Y.T encouraged everyone to support Ishinomaki by eating canned food from Ishinomaki.


Table Topic TM T.A.

Evaluator E.W.

Speech TM M.I.

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