#273 Minutes 2021/Sep/18

There were few participants today, probably because of the start of national holidays. Therefore, we had a little more time today and started the meeting with a relatively longer ice break session of about 15 minutes. The topic was whether we can control our luck, and we were divided into four groups and each group shared their opinions. Since most of us are positive people, we talked a lot about how we can change our luck with our minds. Also concluded good luck could be somewhat relative to others. It’s a difficult topic.

Today’s Word of the day was “fortify”, shared with TM. M.I.

Table Topic

In today’s table topic session, TM Y.T. was the topic master. The first questions were about the co-working place where he worked for a while today.

The first question was about the value of a co-working place, and TM S.K. answered. He said that a nearby cafe was the best place to concentrate as a counter opinion of co-working place.

We also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of WFH, which the topic master felt was beneficial in that he could work while doing various things at WFH.

The other question was about “Tsutaya”, since the co-working place is located in Tsutaya actually. The question being asked was about what they would borrow if they could and why. There is a CD section, therefore, there are many different artists. TM S.K. said he will check Beatles because he was greatly influenced by the Beatles and learned how to live and work.

Prepared Speech

There were two speakers in today’s speech session.

TM R.B talked about mentors. She said that mentor is like cheerleader, you may forget your purpose and feel unfulfilled sometime, but with having a mentor, you will be able to confirm your purpose again.

The other speaker was TM K.K., whose topic was about investments. He told us investments should be made in what you know.


Table Topic TM S.K.

Evaluator TM S.K.

Speech TM R.B.

Unfortunately, today was the last day for TM S.S. and TM R.B. They are both going to new places. We wish them all the best.

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