#272 Minutes 2021/Sep/4

Today’s ice break session was about what could happen in the next coming year. At this time of the year, the financial companies seem to make a top 10 list of things that will happen in the future, so we decided to imitate that.

We were divided into four groups and had various discussions. The most frightening conclusion was the decline of the stock market. It’s scary just thinking about it!

We had a first time for helper role. TM M.I. did her first ah counter.

Table Topic

Today’s Table topic master was TM S.K.

The first question was about Prime Minister Suga, who recently decided not to run for the presidency. What would you do if you became the Prime Minister? TM M.S. said that she would work on COVID as a first role since it is still very important.

Other topics ranged from whether all countries should be allowed to have nuclear weapons, which is a greater threat to humanity, earthquakes or COVID, so on.

Prepared Speech

There were three speakers today.

TM K.M. gave a talk about his time in Washington DC. After he retired, he went to work for a law firm in Washington DC. Fortunately, he had a chance to go to baseball game because his boss gave him two tickets. Since he had some left over, he thought it would be a waste and decided to give the left ticket to a stranger at the ballpark. However, this action was mistaken for scalper and he got into trouble.

The second speaker was TM S.K. His speech lasted for 12 minutes and was very well structured with humor. He shared his memory about home appliances in his childhood. They are awkward to start using, however, at the end, they are very convenient as well as toastmasters club activities.

The third speaker was TM Y.T. He had just finished his first path and was giving the first speech of a new project. This was his third self-introduction as an ice break, and he delivered very good speech as expected.


Table Topic: TM M.I

Prepared Speech: TM S.K.

Evaluation: TM Y.K

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