#271 Minutes 2021/Aug/21

The director of Area 96 was our guest today. He gave us very good feedback from our club about good things and differences from others. The most surprising feedback was, other clubs usually have table topic at the very end of all sessions. It would give all of speakers including prepared speaker to have a chance to have impromptu speech, which we are now avoiding for their incoming prepared speech.

For the ice-breaker session, we talked about surprises that happened in the past 48 hours. Since there were 15 members today, we were divided into 4 groups for discussion.

Today’s TMoE was TM R.F, and it was his first time. He has been with the group for a long time, so he was able to run it without difficulty. That’s great.

Table Topic

Today’s Table Topic was handled by TM Y.U. The questions were about things related to education such as whether newspapers are reliable, what kind of roommate we should have, what kind of job is important, and many other things.

Prepared Speech

There were two prepared speakers today.

The first speaker was TM M.S. He gave a speech about the world heritage sites in Kyoto using slides. He was very effective in his speech, asking questions to the audience in the middle of his speech. Also, the slide included several pictures including his family and it made us to be attracted his speech.

The second speaker was TM M.S, who gave a speech on anger management. She had been very busy lately and experiencing a lot of frustration. She gave an effective speech with concrete examples of how she researched anger management and how she effectively adopted it to control her emotions.


Table Topic: TM R.B
Prepared speech: TM S.M
Evaluation: TM S.K

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