#269 Minutes 2021/Jul/17

Today’s meeting is a first day held by our new President and new officers!

Icebreaking session

Our president brought us two topics: (1) Space travel (2) Findings around neighbors recently

Table topic

The agenda for the table topic was about how our lives are affected by natural disasters. What action would you take if you found out that your house was built in a dangerous place? It was a good opportunity for the members to think about natural disasters again.


TM. Y. K. gave his first speech. His first speech was an ice-breaker session, so the agenda was to introduce himself in a short time. His background was summarized so beautifully and succinctly that it didn’t look like his first speech. We are very much looking forward to the future.

TM S.K. had a speech about Miyakoshi-san, Double-Dutch performer. The most of the attendees didn’t know him well, but we now know how great he is !

TM.R project was bout leader-ship and found herself by answering questions. She found herself like people oriented, not goal oriented. It was good opportunity for her to find out variety of leader-ship styles.


Table Topic: TM K.K
Prepared speech: TM R.B
Evaluation: TM T.A

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