#268 Minutes 2021/Jul/03

Today’s meeting is a first day for our new President and new officers!

Our president is very experienced TM member, and this is his 2nd opportunity for the president role for his 11 years TM career. The president said “We may need to improve the way of having the meeting with expecting the pandemic situation better. If possible, we want to see in person this year.”

Word of the evening

Today’s Word of the Evening was “deliberate”.

Table topic

Table topic was handled by T.A. The topics were random questions, including Olympic, the way of learning effectively, which country want to travel after pandemic, funniest story ever.

Prepared Speech

Two members made prepared speeches.

M.S had 20 min speech which had questions / answers session after her speech about discrimination matter all over the world. Three members of our club asked questions to her and she answered as much as time allowed.

TM S.K had 22 min speech as well. Though TM S.K’s web camera was out of order unfortunately, he handled the speech very well. Speech was cicada which appears in Washington every 17 years. TM S.K told us Aesop story: “Ant and grasshopper”, was “Ant and Cicada” in original story. He told us why the story has changed. During the story was spread to the world, cicada isn’t common for all over the world because cicada cannot live at high attitudes. TM S.K started telling us real story about Ant and Cicada with vocal varieties to play both roles of Ant / Cicada. It was loved by lots of members.

[Award winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Y.T
Best Evaluator: TM Y.T
Best Prepared Speaker: TM S.K


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