#267 Minutes  2021/6/19

Tonight’s meeting was the final meeting held by current officers, President S.S, VPE M.U, VPE M.S, VPPR K.K, Secretary M.S, Treasurer K.M and SAA T.K, thank you for all officers’ efforts and members supports for through a year even though in rigorous situation due to COVID-19!

This last meeting was started with free conversation about what you are interested in and are good or not good at, which showed new findings of each members’ preferences today.  “The salt of the Earth” that is tonight’s word(s) of the evening, suggested by Y.T was a golden phrase expressing valuable person like each visionaries’ member, which was appropriate to farewell to retreating this term.

Table Topic Master R.F asked questions about incoming Olympics in Tokyo.  It became controversial event any more, therefore these questions left us many considerable subject of its existence that should be reconsidered for members.

We had three prepared speakers.

S.S introduced the eye-opening idea in his speech, which was “mental accounting” that is a key idea to stock holders or investors.  Thanks to his speech, during intermission, for members who are interested in shares, conversation was heated up!

Following his speech, two were special ones.

E.W’s project was quite unique.  Her speech was short, based on her blog that was main purpose of hers continuing more than eight posts per month before her speech, which showed her capability of her writing skill as well.

K.K made a public speech pretending a President of this club!  Starting with “Cheers!” with a wine glass filled with wine-like drink, his speech looked him as is real President of this club.



[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM A.R

Best Evaluator: TM R.B and TM A.R

Best Prepared Speaker: TM K.K


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