Today’s meeting was a special one.  We had the annual officer election for the first half, after that, the Table Topic Fest.

Officer election is a kind of futuristic Toastmaster’s event held once a year before the end of each term, which follows the idiosyncratic flow to elect officers for the next term.  Toastmasters has seven officers in each club, President, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of PR, Secretary, Treasurer and Sargent of Arms.  All candidates made speeches to deliver their resolutions.  This is a Toastmasters’ seasonal special scene.


After all officers were elected, the meeting was moved to the Table Topic Fest, which had two Table Topic Masters gave all today’s attendees unique questions.

TTM 1 E.W’s theme was “Job interview” which includes highly possibility to be asked in actual job interviews and we had to answer them as if on the real job interviews.  It was thrilling!

TTM 2 Y.T chose the subject that relates to “Election” that was suitable after today’s house election.  Her questions, such as expectation to the American president, the first female -president in US and prime minister in Japan and so on were shrewd for current controversial social situation.

All in all, although focusing on Table Topics is tougher than prepared speeches, it can be practical training to make your impromptu speech smoothly.  Also, all attendees have to concentrate on all the time to be designated as a speaker.  What a tense but enjoyable moment was!


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker 1: TM S.K

Best Table Topic Speaker 2: TM T.A


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