#265 Minutes 2021/5/22

Under the extended “Semi precaution emergency statement” in Kawasaki city, we had today’s meeting only on zoom. Yet, tonight’s meeting was full of warm atmosphere thanks to friendly members.

Icebreaking conversations in each break room, we talked about both a) new routine and b) favorite time during stay home. Many members’ favorite moment was drinking at home. I am one of them, we are loving drinking!

Today’s Word of the Evening was “seamless”. It was easy for some members to take in and several times used at the educational portion.

Table topic theme presented by Y.U was about “working, career or job” which was suitable for this recruitment season for students. It was good chance for us to reconsider what a job is and on and on.

Three members made prepared speeches. H.S talked about his findings after the checking his feelings and mood for three weeks, which was an object of his project, feeling management to keep a positive mindset. As a result what we understood was how he loves Japanese rice wine, SAKE! K.M’s theme was the world famous super soccer player, David Beckham’s impressive attitude and words in serious situation in 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea, which reminded us of his gentlemanly behavior and his handsome face. (What a fond memory!) Our inspiring story teller T.A were talking about “Gold”. His memoir with gold since his childhood, -amasingly, he was a gold owner since he was a small child-, besides history of gold and all about gold were told. Thanks to him, we could learn about gold and be inspired more than usual.

All in all, despite almost rainy season’s annui mood, thanks to nice members, we could enjoy exciting meeting. Definitely, after the meeting, almost all members must enjoy tasty SAKE♡

[Award winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM R.B and TM A.R
Best Evaluator: TM A.R
Best Prepared Speaker: TM T.A