#264 Minutes 2021/5/8

As we took ‘Golden Week’ into account, today’s meeting was held on the 2nd Saturday of May. We had ten attendees, so, the meeting was compact but filled with friendly mood, even on zoom.

Two of Ice breaking session’s theme were a kind of self-introduction, “What you like” and “What you hate”, which were nice to re-explore unknown preferences of familiar faces.

S.K proposed tonight Word of the Evening ‘sluggish’ with informative visual aid on shared screen. Therefore many members impressed by it and were able to use the word.

As the Table Topic, unique extreme choices were asked by H.S, which including. All attendees except prepared speakers struggled with answering them. For instance, “Which is better, 1,000 years life or 10years life?” …..I don’t have any idea!

Tonight’s highlight, prepared speech session had two speakers.
A.R talked about “cryptocurrency”, i.e.) bitcoin etc., which component was a) definition: “What cryptocurrency is”, b) FAQ: “What differences from real currency are”, etc. and c) advantage of cryptocurrency. His speech greatly achieved to make virtual currency beginners like me understand its threshold.
Y.T’s theme was her favorite movies related WWII. She introduced four movies, “The Longest Day”, (her favorite most) and so on. She utilized a matrix to show each movie’s features like a view point, as such “Allies side? or Axis side?” Thanks to her insight, we will able to choose the best one among them to meet our preference respectively.

[Award winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM S.K
Best Evaluator: TM R.B
Best Prepared Speaker: TM Y.T