#263 Minutes 2021/4/17

It was a rainy day.
R.B who is a member from India didn’t carry her umbrella.
But she said.
She doesn’t care about the weather forecast even if it would rain.
Also, the reason why she does not so is because she loves dancing in the rain in her home province, Bengal.
A young girl with a beautiful saree dances in the rain.
What a romantic scene.

On such a spring rainy day before the intensive prevention measure from spreading COVID-19 in Kawasaki from Apr. 20th,
we had a hybrid style meeting at both Nakahara Shiminkan and Zoom.

As an ice break,
we exchanged our opinions in two theme;
one was about “payment for garbage” and the other was “making an explanation of Ninja” that is the most popular traditional Japanese cultural icon.
We thought of both the modern issue and the traditional thing about this country on the same day.

Table Topics were about “failure” presented by A.R.
Questions were “failure in food”, “efforts, but not succeeded”, “the greatest one in your life” etc.
Whenever I remember my failures, I am too embarrassed to talk, yet, all talented speakers could speak well.
Good for them.

We had three prepared speakers tonight.
First, E.W proclaimed in her speech to change herself from being shy to extrovert after reflecting on herself. We are looking forward to seeing her step-up in near future.
Next, a skilled member, Y.U told his ambivalent feeling to the cashless society, casting a question; whether or not we should pursue our convenience and neglect a small but warm local business embracing human connection.
Finally, “scrap and build” in our life is difficult, though, K.M who used to be a night owl and an owner of a luxurious Audi told his story that he “scrapped” it, and eventually he “re-built” himself as a morning person who can go well even without a car. Awesome.

[Award winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM S.K
Best Evaluator: TM S.S
Best Prepared Speaker: TM Y.U