Today, though we had an earthquake immediate after the start of the meeting, our meeting was finished safely. We had two guests, one was from Myanmar and the other was Japanese who declared to join our club at the end of the meeting. Spring wind brought new member. Wow!

First, we had a free discussion in each small four group as ice breaking session, speaking about plan or change in our life after the state of emergency lifted. Today’s word of the evening was “Vitality”, which was suitable for active season at the end of 2020 fiscal year.

H.W presented four questions of table topic questions about “here and now” (as if Zen spirits, right?) with exuberant sophisticated words. These theme were “Scenic beauty”, “ethnic identity” and on and on.

We had three prepared speakers. K.M made a speech about the efficacy of “standing” with his personal experience, which includes nice tips to struggling with sleepiness. S.K’s speech title was twisted, “Sukiyaki”, and its main body was applause to this year’s Grammy award winner Billie Eilish. However, surprisingly it landed on perfect conclusion matching for the title. Y.U told a positive and affirmative lesson from Covid-19, how to destroy ordinary life or over status quo in order to enjoy expectation. His words, “Don’t think” was a key to all.

[Award winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM K.K
Best Evaluator: TM A.R
Best Prepared Speaker: TM Y.U