Though smaller number of attendees than usual, we, Visionaries had an enjoyable meeting with a warm atmosphere in zoom.
During the relaxed ice breaking session, we discussed about the theme ‘Can you accept eating insect?’ We could have a unique conversation about a food shortage in the future.

Table Topics Master S.K. asked six questions about recent issues, gender equality, anti-COVID vaccination, SNS, earthquake, etc. Thanks to all answers by speakers, we could reconsider about such controversial problems.

We had two prepared speakers, H.S. and T.A. Their speeches were persuasive and full of humor respectively. H.S. utilized the raising hand system in zoom during his speech effectively, which was so smart. And, as usual, T.A. made a funny and humorous speech. It was a story of achieving to fabricate and establish an alibi for his friend, which seemed as if a cheat but useful tip for all men.

[Award winners]
Best Table Topic Speaker: TM M.U., TM S.S. and TM E.W.
Best Evaluator: TM E.W.
Best Prepared Speaker: TM T. A.