According to the calendar, tonight meeting was the first meeting in 2021 spring after “Setsubun; the day of the close of winter” in Japan, though, weather is still chilly in Kawasaki area. However visionaries’ meeting on zoom was exciting! We welcomed two guests, including international one.


Today, the ice breaking session’s theme was about the women’s rate in office, on which we exchanged our opinions each other. The word of the evening was ‘ignorant’ proposed by today’s Grammarian S.K. and he gave us a usage example, “Mr. Mori is ignorant person”. Both of them were timely after the news that Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Chief Yoshiro Mori made a controversial statement “Women talked too much at meetings”.


Table Topics were related to the stay home situation for long time due to COVID-19, presented by E.W. The biggest change, how to release stress, fun, etc. during the self-restriction period of going out were talked by four speakers.


Two prepared speakers made fantastic speeches. A.R., who is from India, spoke about his dramatic serendipity story through his life about the connection between Japan and himself. T.K., who works in the pharmaceutical industry made an informative speech about how to create pharmaceutical products, which is interesting to all of us under the state of emergency.


Toward to the area contest on Feb. 21st, one of contestants M.S. had a practice session.  Many kind members actively gave her useful advices. We hope her speech will be better.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM Y.U. and TM M.S.

Best Evaluator: TM T.A.

Best Prepared Speaker: TM A.R.