Finally, FINALLY! We had our onsite meeting for the first time since February!

Of course, all of them were very conscious to the infection risk. Everyone wore a mask and took a distance between each other. In addition, we tried a hybrid-style meeting for the first time, connecting the venue with ZOOM. It was a very challenging try, but we successfully managed it!


In the Table Topics Session, R.B, the first timer, asked questions about basic and philosophical questions, like “What is the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing’?”. Her questions made us think of our way of thinkings or unconscious values.

In the prepared speech session, we had two speakers. M.S made a speech about her LGBT friend. Her story started with her unique experience then moved on to logical and interesting facts. It was a very nice twist.

The second speaker, Y.T made a speech about her love toward Switzerland. She introduced many interesting facts about it, which made the audience looking forward to visiting it in the near future.


It was our last meeting for this fiscal year, which means, we are passing the control to our next leadership team. I’m confident that we became stronger and more resilient this year. I’m strongly looking forward to our very first meeting led by our new team!


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