I’m very sorry I forgot to update the blog for the last two weeks…

June has started! It’s the last month of this Toastmasters fiscal year.  We only have another meeting left.


In the Table Topics Session, M.S asked questions about “present”, like “What is the most impressive present you have ever got?” or “What do you want know for a present?”. It is one of the most common questions, but it reflects each members’ personality well.

In the prepared speech session, we had two speakers. R.B made her very first speech about her experience in struggling with public speeches. She looked very confident, so she’s already a great speaker! I’m looking forward to her further development.

The second speaker Y.T made a speech about hose account. Money is important, but it is troublesome to track our income and expense. She shared her original way to track them easily without any stress. I will definitely try it!


Our next meeting, and the last meeting this year, is on 20th June. As the state of the emergency has been lifted, we are considering to have an onsite meeting. We’ll let you know soon.


[Award winners]

Best Table Topic Speaker: Y.S

Best Evaluator: –

Best Prepared Speaker: R.B